w e l c o m e

Lyra is a northern sky constellation representing Orpheus’ harp, said to be so soothing it could drive away rage and sorrow.

Lyra House is a bodywork collective offering safe & nurturing massage therapy in a wide range of modalities.

Lyra House affirms the rights and humanity of all people, regardless of race, age, size, gender expression, ability, nationality, orientation, culture, religion, education, or income.

We believe in body liberation, mutual support, and collective healing.

We believe in the power of feeling safe and nurtured in your body.

We believe in your ability to find healing.

We believe in pleasure as a resource and work to provide accessible bodywork, especially to folks for whom self-care is difficult.

We seek to subvert the archaic gratuity system and set our prices accordingly. Instead of tips, we gratefully request your reviews, referrals, and rebookings.

We believe in the system we are creating at Lyra House, and know that our micro system ripples out into the macro world.

Please note: the entrance to Lyra House is up one flight of stairs.