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Explore and learn about the Lyra House providers below.

The Lyra babes at our grand opening!

Niki Hale, Stars Align Bodywork

Niki Hale, CMT #75567

Niki offers luxurious emotionally-centered massage for deep relaxation, side-lying massage for pre/perinatal clients, nurturing touch for people navigating a cancer diagnosis, and chair massage at bay area events.

A Stars Align Bodywork session prioritizes a client’s physical and emotional safety, to calm and center the nervous system and encourage deep relaxation. Niki’s style is rooted in traditional Swedish/deep tissue techniques, through a trauma-informed lens. She is always honored to be trusted with this work.

Book Sunday-Thursday sessions at Stars Align Bodywork.

Cara Spangler, Cara Spangler Bodywork

Cara Spangler CMT #76342

Cara blends eastern and western techniques to relieve stress in the physical and energetic bodies. Whether you prefer shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish, deep tissue, cupping or lymphatic drainage, Cara meets you where you are in your healing journey.

Book Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday sessions at www.caraspangler.com

Bethiah Rosa, Bodywork by Bethiah

Bethiah Rosa CMT #77617

Whether you are seeking relaxation, or find that you use your body with rigor and are hoping for relief from aches and pains, healing touch can help replenish you and your body.

Bethiah offers you a space to slow down, and to be heard and held. Her touch is intuitive and informed, fluid and nurturing. Modalities and services she offers include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reiki.

Book Friday and Sunday sessions at Bodywork by Bethiah.

Tatille Jackson, MoonlightWild

Tatille Jackson CMT #79243

Tatille Jackson is a lifelong student of massage therapy, herbal medicine, and the ways in which our bodies innately strive toward a state of repair. After experiencing the physically and emotionally transformative effects of bodywork in her own life, she is committed to offering relaxation-focused sessions that nurture a sense of ease and balance.

You can expect a full-body oil massage using your choice of herb-infused oils made to support your goals for the session.

Book Saturday sessions at MoonlightWild.